Goat Anti-Human Apolipoprotein E

Goat Anti-Human Apolipoprotein E

Antigen information

Protein name and synonyms: Apolipoprotein E / APOE

Target species: Human

Antibody Specifications

Applications: Specific methodologies have not been tested with this product.

Species reactivity: human


Monospecific by immunoelectrophoresis when tested against pooled human plasma and twice-concentrated pooled human serum.

Storage stability

Store short term at 2-8 ° C. Store at -20 ° C long term.

More information

Immunogen: Purified Human Apo E

Format type: lyophilized

Formulation: Tris-saline, pH 7.4

Preservative: 0.1% sodium azide

General description

  • Goat polyclonal anti-apolipoprotein E recognizes human apolipoprotein E. It does not cross-react with other apolipoproteins. It is validated for ELISA, immunoprecipitation, and floating sections.
  • Goat polyclonal antibody supplied as defibrinated, delipidated, and dialyzed serum against a Tris-HCl buffer.
  • Recognizes the apolipoprotein E protein.
  • Recognizes human apolipoprotein E. It does not cross-react with other apolipoproteins.

Packaging: 500 μL in a plastic vial


Toxicity: Standard handling (A)

Other notes

Monospecific as determined by immunoelectrophoresis (IEP) against two-fold pooled human serum. This antibody has also been reported to work with immunoprecipitation. Variables associated with assay conditions will determine the appropriate working dilution.


This product is provided for LABORATORY RESEARCH USE ONLY. It is not for diagnostic or therapeutic use.

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